From: Glyn
Date: Friday, 11 January 2002 21:29:07
Subject: inherently biased?
From what I have seen of this site, is excellent and very interesting. It does however, suffer from one fault - it is inherently representative of only the "left" of politics.

For this site to be truly representative it must appeal to both "left" and "right", assuming that both exist in equal amounts. However, the design of the site suggests that it will appeal more to those on the "left" than those of the "right".

Such topics presented here will have more of an appeal to those on the "left" as they give a high priority to social justice and wealth redistribution. However, those on the "right" will perhaps be more attracted to sites where they can express their own ideas about the state of our planet which may not be the same as those expressed here.

It is perhaps unfair of me to criticise because it is impossible to be wholly unbiased in such matters.

I will be interested to know what others think, particularly those designed this site.

PS Having said all this, I must say that I do like the site in general ;¬) Keep up the good work
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