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Multidisciplinary project
Web site & art installation
uploaded August 2001.

Distributive justice is not only a central issue of moral and political philosophy, but also an object of common-sense moral reasoning. Everyone is sensitive to the question of his/her share of the common good. Even those who get the best piece of the social pie are in need to justify the actual model of distribution. It has become a truism that most people (especially in the transition countries) experience their own social position as "unjust", relying on certain intuitive principles of distributive justice.

Multidisciplinary project "Distributive Justice" is a work in progress designed by people with different backgrounds (art, philosophy, sociology, photography, design, programing). The project deals with the topic of distribution of goods in a society. It consists of two parts:

(1) the part of the project in the virtual space,
URL: www.distributive-justice.com - an Internet game in which participants in the project freely distribute material and nonmaterial goods building a "society" that undergoes dynamical changes; several types of societies emerge as result of the distribution game ;

(2) the part of the project in the exhibition space, a "working space" installation - presentation of material that has emerged and continuously emerges as result of the respective parts of the project: virtual (the web site), practical (field research, opinion poll); and theoretical part (study of relevant literature, open discussions, talks, lectures ...). The material grows and changes its shape from exhibition to exhibition. Since several different countries is and will be involved in the project, every country leave its imprint in the work, become a part of the exhibition.
During the exhibition(s) the visitors (participants in the project) read materials, listen to lectures, chat, join the discussion, participate in the polls, surf the Web, print from the base, copy materials, video or audio tape the events, etc. (as in our previous project "Closed Reality - Embryo"

All the parts of the project would later on be integrated on a web-portal. The actual or potential participants would thus gane a virtual space of their own designed for exchange of information and opinions (mailing list, forum, chat), creating archives etc. In this manner the project would eventually develop into a permanently open forum.

A project by the same authors: "Closed Reality - Embryo"

To join the project or have more information
please contact: andreja.kuluncic@zg.htnet.hr