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Big Torino
In the exhibition space

>The Multidiciplinary project Distributive Justice participated on 2nd Bienial of Young Artists Big Torino, Italy from April 19th to 19th May.
After eight months of “virtual” presence on the Internet, Distributive Justice project was also available in the “real“ space of the exhibition which was organised as “social laboratory”.

>The first discussion in the exhibition space of the Distributive justice project took place in Cavallerizza Gallery ,Torino, Sunday, 21st April 2002. at 19:00
It was conucted by Neven Petrović, philosopher (Croatia) and Giovanni De Grandis, philosopher (Italy). The problem that was raised is the one of economic justice, of distribution of wealth in society.
It is about investigation whether economic inequalities among members of a society might be justified or not, and if they might what could be their legitimate origin and to what extent they can be tolerated.

April 17, 2002. Osijek, Faculty of Economics
>As a part of the Distributive Justice Project on April 17, 2002 Tomislav Janović, philosopher from Zagreb, held a lecture entitled "Theories of Distributive Justice" at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, University of Osijek. The lecture was organized by courtesy of, and in cooperation with, professor Ante Lauc, PhD, Department for Economics and Business Resources Management, and his assistant Željko Požega. The purpose of the lecture was to introduce the students of the fourth year to the philosophical problem of distributive justice and to highlight the relationship between the economical and the ethical aspects of distribution. As an introduction to the lecture the students were acquainted with the Distributive Justice Project.

May, 27, 2002. Zagreb, Faculty of Political Sciences

A presentation of web pages of Distributive Justice project was held on Faculty of Political Sciences, in the computer classroom. After the presentation there was a discussion on the subject of solidarity and Walzer's principles of fair distribution. A short introduction was given by prof. Zoran Kurelić and prof. Enes Kulenović.
The presentatation and the lecture were organised in collaboration with Student Association Zoon Politikon.