A doctrine that sees meritocracy as the best political regime. It accepts standpoint of right libertarianism that every individual has exclusive right to dispose with everything he has earned only with the help of his talents and efforts. But the left libertarianism rejects the thesis of its right relative that the initial acquisition of natural resources could be unrestricted or only mildly limited. This theory claims that external or natural resources should be divided equally to all members of a society. This means that every individual starting a life should get a right to use equal amount of natural resources as everybody else. (For this reason the doctrine is also called starting-gate theory.) What an individual makes of these resources afterwards depends on his personal characteristics, whatever they are, and bears full responsibility for this. It must be stressed that limitations put on the personal control of external resources do not apply only to initial acquisition but also to inheritance of property which is severely restricted too. In short, this theory wants to exclude impact of received social position of an individual on his economic destiny and tries to secure success in life to the talented and industrious.

The main defender of this theory is Hillel Steiner.

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